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Top 5 hotels in Port Harcourt

Posted by on 31st July 2020, Under Music

hotels in portharcout

Good day! Remember how we said we have 36 states and over 5000 hotels to review? You got that right! Welcome to our virtual tour today. We would be taking you on a journey to one of the prestigious states in Nigeria. Nigeria is a beautiful place, warm climate, and a friendly and homely environment. When you hear about Portharcourt Nigeria, you may not expect the wondrous beauty that comes with being in Portharcourt. Portharcourt is a beautiful city, and so are the facilities in Portharcourt. The hotels we would mention here are the hotels that we researched. It does not render the other hotels in Portharcourt less beautiful, it only means that based on our research, these are the hotels we could find. If there are better hotels and you know about them, feel free to give us your suggestions. We would update the list. Here are the top 5 best hotels in Portharcourt, Nigeria in no particular order.

1. Ogeyi place Portharcourt
hotels in portharcout 
hotels in portharcout 
2. L.A Kings Hotel
hotels in portharcout

3. Novotel Portharcourt
novotel hotelnovotel hotel4. Xteem luxury hotel and suites
xteem luxuryxteem luxuryxteem luxury5. Visa Karena hotels.
visa karenavisa karenaAs I said, these hotels are arranged in no particular order. If you are in Port Harcourt Nigeria, and you are looking for a beautiful and serene environment, here is a guide for you! We picked these hotels specifically because we want you to have a good time in Nigeria!
If you happen to visit one of these hotels, don’t forget to comment, or if you have visited one of these hotels, we await your comments!

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