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Top 5 Hotels in Calabar, Nigeria. 

Posted by on 2nd August 2020, Under Music

channel view hotel

Calabar Nigeria has become a tourist attraction for many over the years, there is so much to be done in Calabar. In fact, for this reason, we would research some places that should be toured in Nigeria and we would include Calabar Nigeria. It is amazing how many people do not know the beauty of the beautiful Calabar.
How many people have been able to go to all 36 states in Nigeria? Would you want to tour Nigeria before you start touring other places? Calabar Nigeria should be one of your starting or ending destinations. They say we keep special moments for the firsts, or the lasts don’t they? Well, now that we have given you a little teaser, are you interested in seeing some hotels that you would want to stay in when you do visit Calabar? Stay tuned and we would list them out!
There would be a mix of hotels, both expensive, and inexpensive, you have to survey and pick from these five, which is best for you! As always we would always tell you, because we listed these five doesn’t make them the best hotels, we just selected a few for your choosing! Here are the five hotels!

1. Hotel Tinapa Lakeside
Tinapa Lakeside HotelTinapa Lakeside Hotel2. Transcorp
tarnscorp3. Peace Garden
peace garden hotel4. Channel view hotel
channel view hotelchannel view hotel5. Beneville hotel and Apartments
beneville hotels and apartmentsbeneville hotels and apartmentsDo you like what you see! Don’t forget to visit and enjoy yourself! Have a Lovely Day!

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